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September 2017
Class A - General Works Encyclopedias, Directories Class B - Philosophy Class C - Auxiliary Sciences of History, Archeology, Genealogy, Biography Class D-F - History Class G - Geography, Tourism, Anthropology, Recreation Class H - Economics, Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Sociology Class J - Political Science, Public Administration Class K - Law Class L - Education Class N - Fine Arts, Architecture, Design Class P - Language and Literature Class Q - Science, Mathematics, Computer Science Class R - Medicine, Public Health Class S - Agriculture: Plant, Animal Class T - Technology, Engineering, Computer Networks Class U-V - Military Science, Naval Science Class Z - Bibliography, Library Science      
Call Number Title, Author, Publisher
AC149.S73 S757 2005《四库全书总目》编纂考 / 司马朝军著.
武昌 : 武汉大学出版社, 2005.
AC149 .S7578 1965四庫全書總目 / [永瑢等撰].
北京 : 中華書局 : 新華書店北京發行所發行, 1965.
B128.W253 L8327 2002《論衡》與東漢佛典詞語比較研究 / 胡敕瑞著.
成都 : 巴蜀書社, 2002.
BF201 .H66 2017The timing of neural and behavioral events : its relation to human experience / Rumjahn Hoosain Honorary Professor Psychology Department The University of Hong Kong.
Charlotte, NC : IAP/Information Age Publishing, Inc., [2017]
BF576 .F45 2007Put emotional intelligence to work : EQuip yourself for success / Jeff Feldman and Karl Mulle.
Alexandria, VA : ASTD Press, c2007.
BF576 .M95 2016Emotional intelligence training / Karl Mulle.
Alexandria, Virginia : ATD Press, [2016]
BF637.I5 E4313 2004Interviewing : theory, techniques and training / Ben Emans.
Netherlands : Wolters-Noordhoff bv Groningen/Houten, [2004]
BJ1499.S65 G82 2016孤獨, 一個人的狂歡 / 尼采, ...[等]著 ; 黃意雯譯.
新北市 : 八旗文化, 2016.
BL65.W2 H38 2016Religion on the battlefield / Ron E. Hassner.
Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2016.
BL1900.A2 J43 2016出土文獻與早期道教 = excavated texts and early taoism / 姜守誠著.
北京 : 中國社會科學出版社, 2016.
BQ649.H6 D47 2015香港佛教史 / 鄧家宙著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2015.
CB251 .M68 2011Why the West rules-- for now : the patterns of history, and what they reveal about the future / Ian Morris.
New York : Picador, 2011.
CB427 .A33 2015The culture industry : selected essays on mass culture / Theodor W. Adorno ; edited and with an introduction by J.M. Bernstein.
Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2015.
CJ67 .A42 2017Encyclopedia of physical bitcoins and crypto-currencies / Elias Ahonen ; foreword by Matthew J. Rippon, PhD ; edited by Howard Kesselman.
[Place of publication not identified] : Elias Ahonen, [2017].
CJ67 .A42 2017bEncyclopedia of physical bitcoins and crypto-currencies / Elias Ahonen ; foreword by Matthew J. Rippon, PhD ; edited by Howard Kesselman.
[Place of publication not identified] : Elias Ahonen, [2017].
CT203.C5 F364 2017像我這樣的一個記者 : 房慧真的人物採訪與記者私語 / [房慧真].
台北市 : 時報文化出版企業股份有限公司, 2017.
D359.7 .H63 1989The age of empire, 1875-1914 / E.J. Hobsbawm.
New York : Vintage Books, 1989.
D521 .C36 2016The Cambridge history of the First World War / edited by Jay Winter (Charles J. Stille Professor of History, Yale University) and the Editorial Committee of the International Research Centre of the Historial de la Grande Guerre.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2016.
DA470 .S74 1993A concise history of Britain, 1707-1975 / W.A. Speck.
Cambridge [England] ; New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 1993.
DK37 .B86 2012A concise history of Russia / Paul Bushkovitch.
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
DK288 .L53 2017獨立路上 : 從前蘇聯省思香港未來 / 梁啟智著.
台北市 : 新銳文創, 2017.
DS5.92 .T57 2001Geography of Asia / Ranjit Tirtha.
Jaipur : Rawat Publications, c2001.
DS32.5 .A75 2016Asianisms : regionalist interactions and Asian integration / edited by Marc Frey and Nicola Spakowski.
Singapore : NUS Press, [2016]
DS272 .C34The Cambridge history of Iran.
Cambridge, : University Press, 1968-1991.
DS518.1 .B677 2014Pacific century : the emergence of modern Pacific Asia / Mark Borthwick ; with contributions by selected scholars.
Boulder, Colorado : Westview Press, [2014]
DS525 .C36 1999The Cambridge history of Southeast Asia / edited by Nicholas Tarling.
Cambridge, UK ; New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 1999.
DS526.7 .A13 2015The 3rd ASEAN reader / compiled by Ooi Kee Beng [and five others].
Singapore : ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, 2015.
DS530.65 .M48 2016Metamorphosis : studies in social and political change in Myanmar / edited by Renaud Egreteau and François Robinne.
Singapore : NUS Press ; [Bangkok, Thailand] : IRASEC, [2016]
DS721 .X88 2006萬古江河 : 中國歷史文化的轉折與開展 / [許倬雲著].
台北市 : 英文漢聲出版股份有限公司, 2006.
DS735 .C3145The Cambridge history of China / general editors, Denis Twitchett and John K. Fairbank.
Cambridge [England] : Cambridge University Press, 1978-.
DS740.5.J3 M357 2014Bridging troubled waters : China, Japan, and maritime order in the East China Sea / James Manicom.
Washington, DC : Georgetown University Press, [2014]
DS741.5 .C35 1999The Cambridge history of ancient China : from the origins of civilization to 221 B.C. / edited by Michael Loewe and Edward L. Shaughnessy.
New York : Cambridge University Press, 1999.
DS747.15 .L855 2011出土文献与楚史研究 / 罗运环著.
北京 : 商务印书馆, 2011.
DS753.6.X8 Z54 2011徐霞客评传 / 朱钧侃, 潘凤英, 顾永芝著 ; 南京大学中国思想家研究中心.
南京市 : 南京大学出版社, 2011.
DS755.2 .F64 1995The cultural dimension of Sino-Japanese relations : essays on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / Joshua A. Fogel.
Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, ©1995.
DS777.15.Y83 O3312 2016袁世凱 : 左右近代中國的俗吏與強人 / 岡本隆司 ; 李雨青譯.
新北市 : 八旗文化 : 遠足文化事業股份有限公司, 2016.
DS777.533.U53 Q258 2014戰鬥在香港 : 抗日老兵的口述故事 / 邱逸, 葉德平著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2014年7月.
DS796.H74 Q25 2015砌出香港 / 香港樂高迷用戶組編著.
香港 : 非凡出版, 2015.
DS796.H745 Z46 2016古代時期 / 周蜜蜜著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2016.
DS796.H745 Z462 2016開埠時期 / 周蜜蜜著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2016.
DS796.H753 A2225 2014香港抗戰英雄譜 / 陳敬堂著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2014.
DS796.H753 A2815 2012香港百人 : 一百個觸動人心的香港故事 / 亞洲電視編著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2012.
DS796.H757 C4234 2012八路軍駐香港辦事處紀實 / 陳敦德著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2012.
DS796.H757 E4512 2017我眼中的殖民時代香港 = Colonial Hong Kong in the eyes of Elsie Tu / 杜葉錫恩著 ;隋麗君譯.
香港 : 香港中和出版有限公司, 2017.
DS796.H757 W36 2017香港政制發展歷程(1843-2015) / 王鳳超.
香港 : 中華書局, 2017.
DS796.H757 Y75 2016戰後香港寫照, 1945-1967 / 余震宇編著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2016年7月.
DS796.H757 Z428 2015香港沉思錄 / 張雅文著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2015.
DS796.H757 Z4888 2016回首香港七十年 : 我們有過的歡笑和唏噓 / 周永新著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2016年7月.
DS796.H757 Z4892 2013圖解香港史 : (一九四九至二〇一二年) / 周子峰編著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2013.
DS796.H76 A224 2013變遷中的香港郊野 / 陳溢晃著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2013.
DS796.H76 A2575 2014香港照舊 / 許日彤編著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2014.
DS796.H76 N235 2016戰後新界發展史 / 蔡思行著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2016年7月.
DS835 .C36 1988The Cambridge history of Japan / [general editors, John W. Hall and others].
New York : Cambridge University Press, 1988-1999.
DS897.K857 T3312 2016京都 : 千年古都 / 高桥昌明著 ; 高晓航译.
上海市 : 上海交通大学出版社, 2016.
DS907.18 .S4 2006A concise history of Korea : from the neolithic period through the nineteenth century / Michael J. Seth.
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., c2006.
DS907.18 .S4 2016A concise history of premodern Korea : from antiquity through the nineteenth century / Michael J. Seth.
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
DS907.18 .S424 2016A concise history of modern Korea : from the late nineteenth century to the present / Michael J. Seth.
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
DS913.2 .H84 2004Beyond birth : social status in the emergence of modern Korea / Kyung Moon Hwang.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Asia Center, 2004.
DU28.3 .M34 2012Pacific worlds : a history of seas, peoples, and cultures / Matt K. Matsuda.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
E741 .H366 2011The coming collapse of the American Republic : and what you can do to prevent it / Robert A. Hall.
[Middletown, DE :] : CreateSpace Independent], c2011.
E744 .T485 2015A sense of power : the roots of America's global role / John A. Thompson.
Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2015.
E872 .B73 2016Making the unipolar moment : U.S. foreign policy and the rise of the post-Cold War order / Hal Brands.
Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2016.
F1765.3 .M25 2013心靈手信 : 香港醫生遊古巴 / 麥永接著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2013.
G155.C6 E77 2010Essential China travel trends / : 2010 year of the tiger edition.
[Lexington, KY] :, 2010.
GN452.5 .B37 2012Genesis of symbolic thought / Alan Barnard.
Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
GR940 .E3612 2016異境之書 / 安伯托.艾可 ; 林潔盈翻譯 ; 蔡敏玲審訂.
台北市 : 聯經出版事業股份有限公司, 2016年9月.
GV424 .L54 2014再會·遊樂場 / 著者梁廣福.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2014.
GV649 .H84 2016Pan-Asian sports and the emergence of modern Asia, 1913-1974 / Stefan Huebner.
Singapore : NUS Press, [2016]
GV1218.5 .F45 2014玩具情尋 / 馮俊鍵著.
香港 : 非凡出版, [2014]
H62 .P3222 2014Digital tools for qualitative research / Trena M. Paulus, Jessica N. Lester, Paul G. Dempster.
London : SAGE, 2014.
HA29 .F76812 2018Principles & methods of statistical analysis / Jerome Frieman, Donald A. Saucier, Stuart S. Miller, Kansas State University.
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications, Inc., [2018]
HA29 .J67 2017Statistical tools for program evaluation : methods and applications to economic policy, public health, and education / Jean-Michel Josselin, Benoit Le Maux.
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017]
HA31.3 .S37 2017Understanding regression analysis : an introductory guide / Larry D. Schroeder, Syracuse University, David L. Sjoquist, Georgia State University, Paula E. Stephan, Georgia State University.
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications, [2017]
HA31.38 .A38 2017Advances in DEA theory and applications : with extensions to forecasting models / edited by Kaoru Tone, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan.
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017.
HA32 .C76 2016How to use SPSS statistics : a step-by-step guide to analysis and interpretation / Brian Cronk.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, [2016].
HA32 .H56 2017Presenting your data with SPSS explained / Perry R. Hinton and Isabella McMurray.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2017.
HA32 .K59 2017Introductory statistics using SPSS / Herschel Knapp University of Southern California.
Thousand Oaks, California : Sage Publications, Inc., [2017]
HB72 .F75 2013Morals and markets : the dangerous balance / Daniel Friedman and Daniel McNeill.
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, [2013]
HB72 .G873 2015At the altar of Wall Street : the rituals, myths, theologies, sacraments, and mission of the religion known as the modern global economy / Scott W. Gustafson.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2015.
HB501 .A75 2010The long twentieth century : money, power, and the origins of our times / Giovanni Arrighi.
London ; New York, NY : Verso, 2010.
HB501 .C2417 2015The Cambridge history of capitalism / edited by Larry Neal and Jeffrey G. Williamson.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
HB501 .F659 2012The endless crisis : how monopoly-finance capital produces stagnation and upheaval from the U.S.A. to China / by John Bellamy Foster and Robert W. McChesney.
New York : Monthly Review Press, ©2012.
HB615 .E453 2017Effectual entrepreneurship / Stuart Read, Saras Sarasvathy, Nick Dew and Robert Wiltbank.
London ; New York, NY : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.
HB3722 .B67 2010Booms and busts : an encyclopedia of economic history from Tulipmania of the 1630s to the global financial crisis of the 21st century / James Ciment, editor.
Armonk, NY : Sharpe Reference, ©2010.
HB3722 .D86 2011The American phoenix : and why China and Europe will struggle after the coming slump / Charles Dumas and Diana Choyleva.
London : Profile Books, 2011.
HB3722 .V34 2014The next economic disaster : why it's coming and how to avoid it / Richard Vague.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2014]
HB3782.8 .O84 2012欧债的救赎 / 陈元, 钱颖一主编.
北京市 : 中国经济出版社, 2012.
HB3808 .L6 2009Asia and the subprime crisis : lifting the veil on the 'financial tsunami' / Chi Lo.
Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
HB3717 2008 .Y36 2012Global financial crisis and challenges for China / Yang Mu, Michael Heng Siam-Heng.
Singapore : World Scientific Pub., c2012.
HC41 .A28 1989Before European hegemony : the world system A.D. 1250-1350 / Janet L. Abu-Lughod.
New York : Oxford University Press Inc., 1989.
HC51 .B67413 1992Civilization and capitalism, 15th-18th century / Fernand Braudel ; translation from the French by Siân Reynolds.
Berkeley : University of California Press, 1992.
HC59.3 .H36 2012全球大趋势 = Global megatrends. 2. 被债务挟持的世界经济 / 韩和元著.
北京 : 中华工商联合出版社有限责任公司, 2012.
HC79.I55 C66 2017Computational intelligence applications in business and big data analytics / edited by Vijayan Sugumaran, Arun Kumar Sangaiah, Arunkumar Thangavelu.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
HC130.I55 D48 2011Development connections : unveiling the impact of new information technologies / Alberto Chong, editor.
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
HC192 .F73 1969Capitalism and underdevelopment in Latin America : historical studies of Chile and Brazil / Andre Gunder Frank.
New York : Monthly Review Press, 1969.
HC240.9.I55 E436 2014E-innovation for sustainable development of rural resources during global economic crisis / Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Vagis Samathrakis, Soulla Louca, and Maro Vlachopoulou, editors.
Hershey, PA : Business Science Reference, [2014]
HC412 .G566 2014The global rise of Asian transformation : trends and developments in economic growth dynamics / edited by Pongsak Hoontrakul, Christopher Balding, and Reena Marwah.
New York City, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
HC427.92 .M446 2016The chinese birdcage : how China's rise almost toppled the west / Heleen Mees.
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
HC427.92 .Z437413 2015The logic of the market : an insider's view of Chinese economic reform / Weiying Zhang ; translated by Matthew Dale.
Washington, D.C. : Cato Institute, [2015]
HC427.95 .A77 2008Adam Smith in Beijing : lineages of the twenty-first century / Giovanni Arrighi.
London ; New York : Verso, 2008.
HC427.95 .C4323 2010China and the credit crisis : the emergence of a new world order / Giles Chance.
Singapore : John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd., 2010.
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Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.
HC427.95 .C45664 2012China's role in global economic recovery / edited by Xiaolan Fu.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2012.
HC427.95 .E58 2015Enter the dragon : China in the international financial system / edited by Domenico Lombardi and Hongying Wang.
Waterloo, ON, Canada : Centre For International Governance Innovation, [2015]
HC427.95 .G557 2012The global recession and China's political economy / edited by Dali L. Yang.
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
HC427.95 .H843 2017Cracking the China conundrum : why conventional economic wisdom is wrong / Yukon Huang.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
HC427.95 .L5525 2016China and the twenty-first-century crisis / Minqi Li.
London : PlutoPress, 2016.
HC427.95 .L62 2010China after the subprime crisis : opportunities in the new economic landscape / Chi Lo.
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
HC427.95 .Y56 2011China's exchange rate system reform : lessons for macroeconomic policy management / Paul Yip Sau Leung.
Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific, c2011.
HC445 .U54 2016Unequal Thailand : aspects of income, wealth and power / edited by Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker.
Singapore : NUS Press, 2016.
HC470.3 .Z4366 2016白手興家 : 香港家族與社會, 1841-1941 / 鄭宏泰, 高皓著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2016年7月.
HC470.3 .Z4367 2013匯通天下 : 香港如何連結中國與世界 / 鄭宏泰, 陸觀豪著.
香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2013.
HD30.17 .C65 2000Management fads and buzzwords : critical-practical perspectives / David Collins.
London : Routledge, 2000.
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Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2011.
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London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2013.
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