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New College Publication is Now Available

(Issue 107/May 2018) This month, the Library received another new HSMC Publication – the inaugural issue of the Hang Seng Management College Business Review. A few copies are now available in the Library for your interest. You can also access the E-copy from Research Institute for Business website. Interested in learning more about the Library’s […]

New Books Highlights

(Issue 106/Apr 2018) The Library’s New Book Display gives you first hand access to the latest print titles received at the Library. Now on display include two new publications by faculties, the Wandering Mind and Metaphysical Thoughts by Gao Xingjian and translated by Professor Gilbert Fong, and 真.君子商贏之道 which was recently featured in our Book […]

Holiday Refresh

(Issue 104/Mar 2018) Too tired to study? How about take a break and enjoy your beloved movies in the upcoming Easter holidays! New DVDs from Oscar awards and Hong Kong Film Awards are now released, let’s go to the Library and check out your favourites!

New Release of Ancient Enmity

(Issue 102/Feb 2018) Ancient Enmity was published in November 2017 echoing International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong (IPNHK). This treasured contemporary poetry anthology presents the works of over 20 poets from all over the world. You will also find their works presented in different languages, thanks to the effort of many renowned translators, including Prof […]

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