Primary Source Databases On Trial

(July 2017/Issue 89) We have three primary source databases on trial until 15 August 2017. They are:   China from Empire to Republic Nineteenth Century Collection Online: Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange 大成老旧刊全文数据库   It is known that the primary sources are often used by local media as to support their journalism […]

Reflection @ Library Reading Club

(May 2017/Issue 87) Writing reflection of a book is always a good way to review what you get from it. We received lots of articles on The Alchemist《牧羊少年奇幻之旅》and The Monopolists 《貪婪遊戲:隱藏在大富翁背後的壟斷、陰謀、謊言與真相》and thank you for all the participation in sharing your views on the books. It is truly inspired when reading the articles! Two best articles […]

User Tip on IEEE Xplore Database

(May 2017/Issue 87) IEEE Xplore database is a database which provides full-text access to over 280 serials. The latest enhancement of IEEE Xplore would allow users to download up to 10 documents at a time. So now you can streamline the process of your research and study. To use this feature, simply run a search, […]

Reminder to Graduating Students

(May 2017/Issue 87) Congratulations to graduating students! You can still enjoy various library services till 31 August 2017 (Thursday). These include: Access to the Library to use its facilities; Check out library materials; and Use Library electronic resources. Reminder: Please return all your borrowed materials on or before their due dates; and Settle outstanding library […]

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