Database On Trial



The Library arranges database trial regularly to facilitate evaluation of potential electronic resources by the HSMC communities.

The following databases are currently available for trial.  Your feedbacks on the usefulness of these resources are welcome!



Database: 讀秀學術搜索
Description: 讀秀中文學術搜索數據庫是超星數位圖書館設立的多種文獻綜合搜索平臺。它可以對書籍、報紙、期刊、學位論文、會議論文、專利、標準、視頻等資料同時進行檢索, 對部分文獻檢索結果提供相關幾頁的試讀,以及以電郵形式運作的”圖書館文獻傳遞”服務。
Trial Period: Till 30 November 2017



Last Update: 1 November 2017