Alumni Services

The Library provides the following services for Alumni:

Access to the Library

The Alumni have access to the Library except the Revision and Examination Period for each semester.

Reference and Information Services

  • Ask the librarians for help in effective use of HSMC library on online catalog, collections, and facilities
  • Ask questions about locations of library materials
  • Ask the professional librarians for reference services

Use of Library Collections

  • Circulation Collection
  • Reference Collection
  • Serials Collection, such as academic journals, magazines and newspapers
  • Multi-media Collection such as DVD, VCD, CD and VCR

Use of Computer Workstations and Equipments

  • Use the dedicated computer workstations to search information resources
  • Use multi-media equipment

Use of Library Facilities

  • Use of group discussion rooms (with prioritized use for HSMC staff and students)

Library Events & Activities

Participate in the library events and activities such as book fairs and library exhibitions.

Sorry, some services do not apply:

  • Login to PCs in Library
  • Using Campus Wifi
  • Access to the Special Collection
  • Access to the Course Reserve Collection
  • Access to 24 Hours Study Area during the Revision and Examination Period for each semester
  • Access to the Library during the Revision and Examination Period for each semester
  • Access to Study Carrels
  • Access to the E-Learning Classroom
  • Remote access to E-Resources
  • Borrowing privileges

Last Update: 19 January 2017

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