Services for Affiliate Card Member

The Library provides the following services for Affiliate Card Members:

Access to the Library

The Affiliate Card Members have access to the Library (except the Revision and Examination Period for each  semester for Alumni and HSMC – Foundation Members only)

Reference and Information Services

  • Ask the librarians for help in effective use of HSMC Library on online catalogue, collections, and facilities
  • Ask questions about locations of library materials
  • Ask the professional librarians for reference services

Use of Library Collections

  • Circulation Collection
  • Reference Collection
  • Serials Collection, such as academic journals, magazines and newspapers
  • Multimedia Collection such as DVD, VCD, CD and VCR

Use of Computer Workstations and Equipments

  • Use the dedicated computer workstations to search information resources
  • Use multi-media equipment

Use of Library Facilities

  • Use of group discussion rooms (with prioritised use for HSMC staff and students)

Library Events & Activities

  • Participate in the library events and activities such as book fairs and library exhibitions

In order to meet the needs of students and to balance the interest of all parties, some limitations for the use of the Library by Affiliate Card Members are applied as below:

  • Borrowing privileges
  • Login to PCs in the Library;
  • Access to the Special Collections;
  • Access to the Course Reserve Collection;
  • Access to Study Carrels;
  • Access to the E-Learning Classroom;
  • Remote access to E-Resources;
  • Access to 24 Hours Study Area (via the Side Door) during the Revision and Examination Period;
  • Access to the Library during the Revision and Examination Period (for Alumni and HSMC-Foundation Members only).

Last Update: 25 May 2017

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