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Borrow, Return and Renewal

Q1: What should I do if the Library materials I am looking for is already on loan?
A: You can reserve borrowed materials online on SearchPlus via My Account.

For illustration, please visit: http://library.hsmc.edu.hk/?page_id=3720

Q2: What is the charge for an overdue book and multi-media material? How do I pay overdue fines?
A: The overdue fines vary depending on the kinds of material you have borrowed.

  • $1 per day for Circulation Collection
  • $2 per day for multi-media materials
  • $2 per hour for course reserve materials

Fines can be paid at any Service Counter by Octopus Card only.

Q3: Where do I go to borrow course reserve materials?
A: Course Reserve Collection contains materials recommended by academic departments for course reading. It is located at G/F behind our service counter. All items can be borrowed for 2 hours at a time.

Q4: Can I borrow journals and newspapers?
A: Yes, you can borrow journals and newspapers. Details as below:

Item Type Loan period Issues to be kept
Back issues of journals 3 days up to 3 issues
Back issues of newspapers For Use in Library Only up to 3 months
Current journals and newspapers For Use in Library Only /


Q5: How long can I keep the checked out materials?
A: Generally speaking, 150 days for academic staff, 28 days for management and support staff or students. For all library users, 3 days for multi-media materials, back issue journals; and 2 hours for Course Reserve materials.

Please note that all borrowed materials can be renewed 1 time, except the following library materials which are not renewable:

  1. Materials reserved by other library users
  2. Materials from Course Reserve Collection, Special Collections and Serial Collections

Q6: How can I renew my borrowed materials?
A: Items can be renewed via login “My Circulation Record”. Please follow the steps shown from the link: http://library.hsmc.edu.hk/?page_id=3718

Q7: How many books and multi-media materials can I borrow?
A: If you are an academic staff, you can borrow up to 100 items; if you are a management and support staff or students, You can borrow up to 30 items.

Q8: Can I renew an overdue material via “My Circulation Record”?
A: Yes, except for course reserve materials. All overdue material can be renewed once via “My Circulation Record” provided that no other users have requested for the them. Fines will continue to accumulate daily on all overdue materials until they are renewed.

Q9: Can I renew books at Service Counter without bringing the items?
A: You are expected to bring the books with you books with you to the Service Counter for renewal. Alternatively, you can renew them online by logging in to “My Circulation Record”. But you can only do this once.

Q10: What does “Recall” mean?
A: “Recall” means a user has made a request on the library materials which is currently checked out by another user. The loan period for the recalled materials will be shortened to 14 days from the date of recall. All books of Circulation Collection are subject to recall.

Q11: For first time users, what is the PIN for using self-check machines?
A: Please change your PIN for login “My Circulation Record”. The new PIN is also the PIN for using self-check machines.

To change the your PIN, please login to Main Circulation Record as shown by the following link:



Access to Resources

Q12: How can I search for course reserve materials?
A: Click the tab “Course Reserve” on the Library homepage. You can then search books by Programme, Department, Course Code, Course Name, or Instructor name.

Q13: Why can’t I find a book with the status “On Shelf” showing in the Library Catalogue?
A: There is a possibility that the book is being used in the Library and it has not been checked out by the user. You are welcome to approach our service counter for assistance.

Q14: How can I remote access to e-resources?
A: You can remote access (including Residential College) to e-resources via EZproxy, by logging in with your Windows account, or VPN, by clicking the Virtual Private Network to set up configurations.

For detailed instructions of VPN connection, please visit ITSC webpage:

Q15: How can I find journal articles from the Library?
A: From the Library webpage, type in the title of a journal article in the search box under “E-Resources” search interface provided in SearchPlus to check whether the Library provides access to the journal article you are looking for.

Q16: What kind of materials can be used only in the Library?
A: Reference books, newspapers and current issue of serials, materials from Special Collections, CFA Collection and CPA Collection.

Q17: What does the green dot on a book spine mean?
A: The green dot indicates that the book has other companion items such as CD-ROMs and sound discs.

Q18: What does the red dot on a book spine mean?
A: The red dot indicates that the book is a course reserve book which can be borrowed for two hours at a time. They must be returned directly to the Course Reserve Collection.



Library Facilities

Q19: How to make a copy of a document that is not in A4 or A3 size using a photocopier?
A: You may make a copy of a document that is smaller than A4 or A3 size. Before photocopying, please select appropriate paper tray that is based on size and orientation of your document.

Q20: Why can’t I claim my room even though I have reserved it from the campus online room booking system?
A: Any room booking which is not claimed after 15 minutes will be made available to other users. Please check in your room in time to secure your reservation.



Other Library Services

Q21: Can I use the Library after graduation?
A: Yes, the Library serves alumni. After graduation, you can continue to access to the Library and use library materials from the Collections. While visiting the Library, you can access most of the e-resources available on-site.

Please visit our alumni services page (http://library.hsmc.edu.hk/?page_id=3276) for more information.

Q22: Who can borrow the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library Reader’s Cards, Shue Yan University Library Reader’s Card or Baptist University Library Reader’s Cards?
A: If you are a full-time academic staff, postgraduate student or undergraduate student, you are eligible to borrow and enjoy the privileges of using the Reader’s Card service.

Please visit our page on Access Resources @ Other University Libraries > Reader’s Card Services (http://library.hsmc.edu.hk/?page_id=7404) for the details of loan policy.

Q23: Who can borrow the University of Hong Kong Libraries Circle of Friends Card, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library Card or Baptist University Library Corporate Card?
A: If you are a full-time academic staff or postgraduate student, you are eligible to borrow and enjoy the privileges of using the Library Card Services.

Please visit our page on Access Resources @ Other University Libraries > Library Card Services (http://library.hsmc.edu.hk/?page_id=7398) for the details of loan policy.

Q24: What is Document Delivery Service? Can I use this service?
A: The Document Delivery Service (DDS) is to obtain materials not available at Library from document services suppliers. Full-time academic staff and research assistants are the eligible users. Please submit the online form to request for document delivery service.

Please visit our DDS page (http://library.hsmc.edu.hk/?page_id=5767) for more information about the service.


Last Update: 10 August 2016

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