Library User Conduct

In order to provide a pleasant physical environment for study and research, all library users are requested to observe the following:
  • Keep the voice down at all time in the Library. Designated Quiet Study Zones are located on the ground and first floors.
  • Silence their cell/smart phones or any ringing devices prior to entering the Library.
  • Food and Beverages are not allowed in the Library.
  • Safeguard their personal belongings. The Library is not responsible for the safe keeping of any unattended personal belongings.
  • All library users may be requested to show the contents of their bags, cases and other kinds of receptacles when they activate the security alarm at the library exit or on request by library staff.
  • Due to high demand of seats in the Library, reservation of seats by placing library materials and/or personal belongings on tables and seats in the Library is not allowed.
  • Any requests for filming and photograph taking should be made at the Library Services Counters during office hours of the Library.

Last Update: 1 September 2016

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