Printing and Photocopying

Photocopiers and printers are available on all floors of the Library. Photocopying are basically self-help by operating the print quota system connected to the photocopiers. As for printers, it is necessary to login before using the Library’s computers to print documents.

Printing and Photocopying Charge
Size Color Unit Price
A4 B/W $0.20
A4 Duplex B/W $0.40
A4 Color $1.80
A4 Duplex Color $3.60
A3 B/W $0.40
A3 Duplex B/W $0.80
A3 Color $3.60
A3 Duplex Color $7.20

effect from 1st September 2015

Copyright Law
Library users should observe and comply with the current legislation on copyright in Hong Kong when making printing or photocopying. Please visit the website on Intellectual Property Department, where you will find various guidelines and regulations relating to copyright adopted within this College. Teaching staff wishing to reproduce reading materials for their students may wish to consult the information specifically on Copying for teaching, such as Guidelines for Photocopying of Printed Works by Not-for-profit Educational Establishments issued in October 2002.

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